Roper's Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing & Power Flushing

We carry out all general plumbing services from dripping taps through to complete bathroom installations.

We can provide the following plumbing services...

Toilets, basins, taps & baths
Full or part bathroom suite installations
Wetroom installations
Electric and power showers
Gas services and heating systems
Radiators, valves and pumps
Cold water tanks
Unvented hot water cylinders
Pressurised Systems
Legionella testing
Power Flushing
efficient heating power flush dunmow

Power Flushing

A clean heating system is a more efficient system and will save you money on your energy bills and extend the life of your system wich leads to even more savings!

Therefore if you have clunking noises coming from your radiators, or one of your rooms takes an age to heat up get in touch with us today!

Noisy and slow heating radiators are signs of air and corrosion inside the system. We are Kamco trained to operate the most efficient flushing machines and use high quality cleaning agents to fix these issues.

Power Flushing can give you warmer rooms, reduced energy bills and peace of mind – we provide a 12 Month Guarantee on all Power Flushing.

Call us now to have your system flushed.